Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Write like your hair is on fire...Warriors work from a place of passion, harness your passion and it will set you apart..."

~Bruce Hale, Keynote Address: Writer's Mind, Warrior's Mind, SCBWI WWA

"It is your duty to offer your unique creative expression to the world..."

~Bonnie Becker, Crystal Kite Award Recipient, Keynote: Sometimes It's Easy

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vote For Me!

This evening I attended the book launch party for Ben Clanton's Vote For Me! at Secret Garden Books in Ballard.  Didn't know anyone there, but am so glad I went! Have I mentioned how awesome picture book authors and illustrators are? It's just such a great group of people supporting each other and genuinely cheering on each other's successes.  I, however, was massively jealous! Here's this incredibly talented, clever and funny kid, Ben Clanton, and he is a kid. Maybe 24. And already a published author/illustrator. Hate him. Only kidding, of course. I admire him and what he's been able to accomplish already. It reminds me that I need to get back to work. And work harder! I mean, do I want to have my own book launch party at Secret Garden with all of my closest friends and family and literary supporters, and get to hold my own beautiful published book in my hands?? You bet your sweet donkey I do.  More than anything in this whole, wide world.  Ben thinks I can do it...