Tuesday, November 16, 2010


  Uggghhhhhh. No matter how many times it happens, the rejection process never gets any easier.  It feels like getting dumped- dumped in the most impersonal, heartless way ever, over email.  What's worse is that the rejection just came from "Intern." That's all it said in my inbox. You know its bad when you get a form rejection letter from the intern. No critique, no notes for improvement from the editor, just straight forward- No thanks your work sucks! Ok, ok not quite that straight forward, but it tends to feel that way. Its awful. I really had high hopes for this particular work and thought I had found the perfect fit in the publisher I chose. So, I'm just feeling a little down, dejected and rejected today.  Ok, a lot down. Plus, I have to go to my last writing class tonight and tell them the news that I won't be getting published any time soon. Bummer way to end :(

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