Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday...

  This poem was forwarded to me from the wonderful Tina Hoggatt (, and twitter @tinahoggatt), and in honor of her Inspiration Wednesdays I wanted to re-post it here.  It was written by a survivor of the disaster in Japan.  Our hearts go out to the country that has suffered so much recently.

Carry on Living
Facing overwhelming power of nature, we lost ourselves.
Then, do not go against it.
Stay Lost.
You crossed the boundary to the place where you can’t find any single word.
But there you will find “something” which you couldn’t find if you were not
It’s not just nice words.
It’s not just a despair.
Everything has returned to sea and dust.
Stay feeling lost, grieving.
This may be the good reason for something to
We have lost so many, but something will come into the world from Here.
Stay in this moment.
Do not overstrain yourself.
so that you will catch the sign.

Wake up in the morning and get a breath of fresh air.
You will strongly realize that you are given your life today.
At the end of the day, take a breath.
You feel safe returning home.
Carry on living.
Live in Now.
(Translated by Gin)

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