Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10th~ Oh What a Merry Christmas Day!

Here's a little known favorite of mine from the opening of Mickey's A Christmas Carol, which I loved as a kid and still adore today!

"Oh, what a merry christmas day
Hear the joyous music play
Bells are ringing choirs singing

Oh, what a merry christmas day
sharing the season of good cheer
with the ones we hold so dear
friendly faces, warm embraces
Oh, what a merry christmas day

snowflakes covered country lanes
Jack Frost painted window panes
twinkling stars on christmas trees
oh, what happy memories

gathered 'round a fireplace
fam'lies filled with love and grace
from peaceful ember's glow
blessed Yuletide spirits grow
grow and grow grow and grow

Joy to the children far and near
what a won'drous time of year
isn't is just grand to say
merry, merry christmas
merry, merry christmas
Oh, what a merry christmas day!"

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