Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ode to B&N

I never imagined I'd one day be lamenting the closing of a Barnes & Noble Bookstore, as writers aren't we supposed to loathe the big, chain book stores that put independent booksellers out of business? But, here I am feeling really down that my local B&N in the University Village has closed.  As a nanny, this was my go-to place when I was going stir-crazy in the house with the kids.  It was free! It was warm and out of the rain! It was close! Plus, there was my favorite treat- a latte and cinnamon scone!

 We'd play at the train, attend story time, read picture book after picture book, (which was heaven for me) and best of all, when the baby I nanny for refused to stop screaming, I'd put her in the stroller and we'd just walk the floors of B&N- so quiet and peaceful, for a while it was the only way I could get her to sleep. And now this favorite haven of mine is gone. And worst of all, there is NO bookstore in the U-Village now.  It's bad enough to lose the small, independent bookstores with all their eager authenticity and charm, but to not even have the Huge chain bookstore make it in this economy, makes me very sad. I am firm believer in the book, and have faith that it will stand the test of time and Kindle, but I just feel a deep sadness today for this loss.  The dream of seeing my own picture book one day on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, the U-Village Barnes & Noble where I spent so much of my time and where that dream was born and nurtured, is a bit dimmer today.

Nellie enjoying one of our last days at the U-Village Barnes & Noble

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  1. So cute. Have you found a Barnes and Noble replacement yet?