Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Resolutions!

With the new year well upon us now, I think it is time to lay out some goals:
1. Read 1000 Picture Books
I am up to 700 on my reading log and the ulitmate goal is 1000, but I will continue reading and logging well past that number, I'm sure, as it has been the single best thing I have done for my writing since I began this whole crazy process
2. Land an Agent This Year
I will keep submitting and finding opportunities to get my work in front of the right people and keep at it until one of them breaks down and agrees to represent me!
3. Get Published! (or at least have a deal in the works ;)
4.  Write Something I Love and am Super Proud of!
5. Write and Be Inspired as much and as often as humanly possible

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