Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Week!

In honor of St. Valentine's Day this week, I wanted to post a little story I wrote, inspired by what I believe to be the most romantic words one can hear:
I will wait for you...
(Especially as sung by Mumford & Sons in Wait For You, which so beautifully captures this notion)
By Jessica Maree Dudik
            The little boy saw the little girl.  And it was love at first sight.  He loved her lacy socks.  He loved her red hair ribbons.  He loved the freckles on her nose.  The little girl did not notice the boy.
            “I will wait for you,” the little boy whispered to himself, but really to her.
            Time passed and still the boy loved the girl.  He loved how she could hula hoop.  He loved when she read aloud in class.  He loved her laugh.  But still the girl did not notice the boy.
            “I will wait for you,” the boy said to himself, but really to her. 
            Time passed and soon the boy was a young man, and still the young man loved the young girl.  He loved the way she danced.  He loved it even more when she sang.  He loved her kind heart.  And instead of waiting, he decided to tell her.  He told her all the ways he loved her, always had and always would.  And now the young girl noticed the young man.  And it was love.  And they were happy.
            But all too soon, the young man had to leave.  There was a war, and he was called to serve.  And the young girl said, “I will wait for you.”
            And she did. 
            And they wrote many love letters while they were apart.  The boy reminded her of all the ways he loved her, always had, always would.  And they promised, “I will wait for you.”
            Months went by without any letters from the boy.  And the girl’s heart ached. 
            “I will wait for you,” she whispered to the moon, but really to him.
            From his hospital bed, the boy begged the same moon, but really the girl, “Wait for me.”
            And when all the waiting was finally through, and the boy and girl had found each other again, they were married.  It was a grand celebration.  And all the goodness and hardships of life that followed were a great joy, because they had each other.  And they had love.
            And after many, many years passed and they were old and gray with grown children of their own, the old man became ill.  And he said to his wife, the love of his life from the very first sight, “I will wait for you.”
            And he did. 

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