Monday, July 22, 2013

Reading the Classics with Children

So Nellie and I just finished reading Francis Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess together, and as much as I love reading aloud (it might be my favorite thing ever) I gotta say this one was tough to get through. From the Victorian language that was often well above her 6 year old head, to the fact that not a whole lot happens in this story, Nellie begrudgingly allowed me to finish the 250 page book but not without some groaning. I never want our reading aloud time to be something dreadful, it should be looked forward to and enjoyed, but we both felt it was important to stick it out and finish what we started. And I know she felt very proud when we did finish, and I'm happy she had that sense of accomplishment. Though the classics may feel stodgy and outdated to some kids today, I think they are an important way for children to discover a different time and a different style of writing. So slog away! You and your child might just end up finding a gem you could have otherwise overlooked. At the very least, your vocabulary will be profoundly improved.

But now we will read something fun and intriguing and mysterious and wonderful, a newer classic and a page-turner she won't want to put down, that means of course it's time for the one and only...
Harry Potter!
(I might be even more excited than Nellie)

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