Monday, November 19, 2012

Funniest Books this Week...

The absurdity here is brilliant, what fun! Ninjas, astronauts, sunburnt crocodiles- this book has it all. 'nuff said.

Heinies?! C'mon the word alone is hilarious!

Long before (ok, maybe not long before, but all the way back in 2008)
Jon Klassen's bear wanted his hat back, and devoured the bunny to get it, Emily Gravett's lovable duck and his very different egg finished off their naysayers by said egg hatching as a crocodile and eating them (or at least snapping at them pretty ferociously)! What a way to learn a lesson. Love this clever, subversive, surprising end!
I love, Love, LOVE funny books that take me by surprise.  Someday I hope to write one :)

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