Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The big 500!

Made it to 500 picture books read and logged today, feels awesome to be halfway to my goal! #goal1000PBs
And the honor goes to the incredible...
Oliver Jeffers!

This book also happened to be featured in our wonderful, local independent bookseller, Mockingbird Books newsletter this week.  See Emily's take below:
Emily's Illustrator Spotlight
At a glance, Oliver Jeffers reminds you of the kid you sat next to in calculus. You know him - the one who doodled pictures of your professor riding a unicorn, wearing a top hat, or reciting Shakespeare from a bubble bath. He makes the drawings for himself, but as he slides it over for you to look at before you both get caught, you get to share in it too.

Jeffer’s' books are best described as doodle masterpieces that the reader is let in on. Each page features a union between painterly care and quick wit, all distinctly forming from Jeffer’s own thought bubbles. His growth since books such as Up and Down and Lost and Found, however, is remarkable. His most recent, This Moose Belongs To Me, comes with wonderful backdrops of mountain scenes (which I am admittedly partial to) and particularly moving spreads (i.e. pages 18-19) for their conveyance of mood through color.
Love Green Lake's Mockingbird Books and their motto:
"Books Give Children Wings"!

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