Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Armchair Memories

  When my sister, cousins and I were very young, before bedtime at Grandma's house, my Grandpa, who we call Papa, would sit us on his lap in his big, cozy armchair and read stories to us from this old book.  The book was so loved by us and our parents before us that the pages were clearly worn and falling out from so many readings.  I have the fondest memories of those times in Papa's chair, and I can still hear his rich, deep voice bringing the stories to life. 
  Our favorite story was one called "Quack!" Said Jerusha which tells the tale of a little duck's charming adventures as she grows up and soon has ducklings of her own.  Seeing those illustrations again reminds me of how vividly the images captivated me as a child.  I am beginning to realize now that some of my most favorite memories from childhood are those in which the people I loved read to me.  It truly is the best way to instill a beautiful sense of wonder and imagination, spark creativity, open hearts and minds, and broaden horizons to the vast possibilities around us.  Thanks to all the storytellers!

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  1. Oh my goodness.... upon reading the beginning of this post I was struggling to recover ANY recollection of the memories of Papa reading such stories.... until that is, I saw the picture of "Quack," Said Jerusha. Priceless Jess :) Indeed, thank you to all of those who have instilled a passion and appreciation for reading. As I too am now aspiring to be a writer (of a much more boring nature- research) I appreciate you reminding me of the ones who inspired and grew me... including my Dear dear mother.