Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Magic of Writing for Children

  I just signed up for my second writing class with the wonderful Peggy King Anderson, The Magic of Writing for Children (Intermediate/Advanced)!  Taking this class last spring was the single greatest step forward I took with my writing.  Before Peggy's class I hadn't let a single soul read my stories- it was such a solitary process and I was terrified to share something so personal and close to my heart.  The first time someone else reads your story aloud to a class full of critiquing students is beyond nerve-racking. Let's be honest, everytime is nerve-racking!  Even as my heart beats overtime and I find myself holding my breath listening as another voice recites the words I know by heart, when it is all over I experience such an amazing sense of liberation.  Writing is so much better when it is a shared, communal adventure embarked upon together with those who support, encourage and inspire you and your work.  Peggy's class truly is a joy and her warm, enthusiastic, nurturing demeanor makes writing for children absolutely magical!
Check out her blog http://soundfrommyheart.blogspot.com/and website www.peggyking.com
  We had such a fantastic group of students last time around, I hope to see you and all your stories again this fall!

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