Thursday, August 12, 2010

A year ago at this time I was here, Villefranche, France on the cote d'azur of the French Riviera..

I rented a flat in a tiny medieval hilltop village called Haut de Cagnes, in between Nice and Antibes, and stayed for three weeks, often visiting this lovely seaside town of Villefranche. I meant to go and spend time writing stories, and I did fill an entire journal, only it was all about my everyday experiences and not once did I work on my children's stories! That's how writing goes sometimes, even with the best of intentions you can get sidetracked.  Sometimes, though, it turns out the sidetrack is the right track- who knows, maybe that journal will be a novel one day!

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  1. Anyone who EVER has the opportunity to go here, jump at it. Can't wait to read the novel of this adventure!