Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nellie P. Bean

Here is Penelope Jane, (also known as Nellie, Nellie P., Bean, Bugadoodle, etc) the wonderful 3 year old girl I have been lucky enough to nanny for since she was 5 months old!  She is absolutely the reason I rediscovered my passion and love of writing and has provided endless inspiration throughout my time with her.  Love u Beanaloo!

This is a bedtime poem I wrote when Nellie was a baby...

Lullaby Bunny

Goodnight little bunny, goodnight little one.

Rest your head and your eyes, the long day is done.

The blanket of night has spread over the sky,

And now mama will sing you a soft lullaby.

Off to dreamland we’ll drift, in a boat built for two,

Where winds whisper your wishes, so all can come true.

Goodnight little bunny, goodnight little one.

Hush-a-by my sweet love, the long day is done.

Lay your head close to mine and your dreams I will keep,

And tend to them lovingly like flocks of sheep.

Feel our hearts beat as one, as I sing you this song,

Swaddled up in my arms where you’ll always belong.

Come in close and we’ll cuddle and snuggle together,

And mama will love you forever and ever.


  1. Nellie P. I love you too! And thanks to Nellie P's parents for making my baby feel like family too! Love all you guys, you make the world a better place just by being in it!

  2. Love this poem Jess. What a beautiful feeling I got reading it. Thanks for sharing. Lucky Nellie P!