Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sing a Song of Washington

  An excerpt from my prose poem of Washington's designated state symbols, such as our state bird...

This is the state, the Evergreen State.
Where the rhythm of the rain beats steady and pure.
Wild wonders abound, from mountains to Sound,
Come along, Washington awaits!

This is the goldfinch, the Willow Goldfinch.
How sweet is his song as he warbles with joy.
Bright yellow in summer, like a lemon with wings,
Feathers aflutter in a waterfall bath. 

This is the frog, the Pacific Chorus Frog.
His throat bubble swells with each croaking love spell.
A small speckled body and blackened eye stripe,
Create a frog in camouflage on damp forest floor.
This is the dragonfly, the Green Darner Dragonfly.
Glistening emerald in soft sunlight streams.
With darts and flits, quick, quick, slow,
She dances a waltz with petaled partners aplenty.
This is the marmot, the Olympic Marmot.
Calling to friends with a whistling trill.
On hind legs he keeps watch, senses always alert,
Til it's time to burrow down for a long winter's sleep.
This is the trout, the Steelhead Trout.
Born to the river, flowing fast and fresh.
The great open ocean summons him onward,
A silvery silhouette in the sea.
This is the whale, the Orca Whale.
Mighty and majestic she breaches the waves.
Her pod rolls along with the rhythm of the deep,
Black dorsal fins setting sail on the horizon.
This is our state, Washington state.
Our motto is "Alki," a symbol of hope for tomorrow by and by.
Hope for our forests and fields, our meadows and mountains,
To be an evergreen home evermore.


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